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Best Case Aumayr

"With experience and innovative solutions, we develop tailor-made products that meet our customers' requirements."

With its team of around 300 employees, Aumayr is one of the most renowned companies in the field of ventilation technology and metal technology. The company was founded in Linz in 1965 and currently serves the Austrian and neighbouring markets.


In 1993, the company entered the Czech market and opened a production site in Vyšší Brod. The main motivation was to increase the production capacity at a more affordable cost. When entering the Czech market, Aumayr made use of consultant and other services to guide them and take care of the legal aspects. The product portfolio on both Austrian and Czech markets is the same, however, the quality on the Czech markets plays a less significant role compares to Austria.  

According to the executive director, Mag. Johannes Mühlbachler, the market situation in both countries faces the same challenges- the lack of a qualified workforce. To deal with this issue, Aumayr has been actively attracting foreign workforce from other countries, such as from Ukraine. Moreover, the production site in Vyšší Brod is facing an additional problem, as due to its close proximity to Austria, a significant number of the local Czech employees is moving to Austria. The cultural differences have been diminishing and currently, the business mentality of the customer in both countries is very similar.

Aumayr has been cooperation on innovation development projects with external partners in Austria and in the Czech Republic. Moreover, the company actively involves local students in new product development processes. In order to keep the market knowledge up to date, Aumayr is active in several local clusters, in order to obtain information about the current and future trends, as well as to keep up with the newest European norms.

Cooperation with commercial and economic centres:


Company Aumayr has been actively working with Business Upper Austria (previously Clusterland OÖ GmbH) in order to improve their innovation processes. The company has been not only participating in experience exchange meetings to various topics, but Biz-up has been helping Aumayr in spheres such as project ideas discussions and searching for funding opportunities.

Moreover, Biz-up acted as a networking agency and helped Aumayr with finding the best contacts to specific technical and/or organisational questions.  Aumayr was able to receive help focusing on technical aspects in the context of smart production and connecting company sites in term of Industrie 4.0 across borders.

When needing help with the cross-border transfer, Biz-up helped the company navigate the environment and forwarded the representatives to the local chamber of commerce and export centre to receive appropriate support.

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